Call for Abstracts/Papers and Case Studies

The International Conference on Hospital Management (ICHM 2016) will be held on the 24th and 25th of November 2016 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The conference is organized with the view of creating a platform for complex issues to be addressed in the healthcare industry which is believed to be a vital factor that requires much attention.

The ICHM 2016 program will consist of interactive presentation sessions, keynote presentations from experts in the relevant fields, case studies, social events, a cultural show, a networking dinner and a post conference tour. We believe and hope the event will contribute towards your interest and will be of much importance to your future endeavors.
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Opportunities at the ICHM

  • The opportunities to build professional and industrial network.
  • Increase awareness of new trends happening in area of interest.
  • Opportunity to exchange ideas and innovative findings
  • Resources expansion
  • Opportunity to fill up academic toolshed with new techniques and technology to improve career.
  • Improve your own skills and knowledge about your field.
  • Publication opportunities in well regarded international journals published by publishing powerhouses

Conference Goals

  1. To bring together the world’s scientific experts to catalyze and advance scientific knowledge.
  2. To provide a forum to discuss the best practices in hospital management.
  3. To lay the groundwork for establishing a common platform for hospital functioning.
  4. To introduce attendees to existing technological enhancements that they may implement at their own institutions.
  5. To bring people from different fields, and to create a setting in which they can interact synergistically.
  6. To promote effective action through leadership and shared responsibility at all levels of organizational hierarchy.

Chair Message

Dear Colleagues,

We the team TIIKM pleased to announce the very first international conference in Hospital Management which is scheduled in Nov 2016 “ICHM 2016”. The conference will focus on various dynamic complex issues of healthcare industry and will be of profound benefit to clinicians, hospital owners, administrators, budding managers, students of MHA, architectures, supply chain professionals and biomedical engineers. The healthcare industry in one of the fast growing and changing industry and keeping abreast to the issues is of paramount importance for the success. The conference will bring the opportunities to networks with professionals, academicians and entrepreneurs from varied fields of the Healthcare industry.

I on behalf of TIIKM welcome you all to be the part of this conference in the city of Colombo in Sri Lanka so please book your dates on 24th – 25th November in 2016 calendar. Please take the advantage of early bird registration and avoid inconvenience.
So let’s meet in Colombo.

With warm regards,

Conference Chair


International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics


Editor in Chief: Prof. William Ebomoyi
ISSN online: 1755-0661
ISSN print: 1755-0653
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